Wirth Farms has naturally-raised, grass-fed lamb meat for sale.

We continuously seek out the best genetics and have come to know well and collaborate with some of the brightest, forward thinking minds in the lamb and sheep genetics industry. Our objectives are to reduce inputs like grain in lamb production for extreme lamb carcasses with a target of 4-inch rib eyes and “Five Star” quality legs and racks. Our goal is to service a selective group of breeders and naturally raised lamb meat consumers.

As breeders, we strive for excellence in the best tasting lamb. We utilize a unique set of sheep genetics that can grow cost efficiently with desirable carcasses. We measure the performance with a goal of low corn input into the genetics and lambs that will thrive on grass.

Wirth Farms lambs are fed to achieve established flavor profiles. Our established customer base places our lamb meat as the center piece of restaurant menus and family and holiday gatherings.

Lamb orders are USDA inspected and packaged fresh for prompt delivery.

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